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Dan Moloney def Lee Hunter & Tyson T Bone via Pinfall

Dan Moloney defeated Lee Hunter and T-Bone in a tremendous match to kick us off into 2022!


Clarkeward def Kian Kelly & Big Jim Diehard via Pinfall

ClarkeWard managed to get the better over The Big Dogs consisting of Kian Kelly & Big Jim DieHard


King Of The Division Annual Gauntlet Match

Then the KOTD Gauntlet got under way with 10 Wrestlers battling it out to walk away as KOTD!

Luke Basham def Lucas Casmere via Pinfall

Luke Basham drew number one with Lucas Casmere landing the number two spot, both men respected each other and put on a daring display where Basham advanced on the night.


Luke Basham def Wesker via Pinfall

Basham then went toe to toe with a foe from The B.D.K as MJ Grayson comes in at number three, after interference from Bishop and Wesker it was still not enough to keep The Warrior down as he managed to pick up the win and advance in the gauntlet.


Lucia Lee def Luke Basham via Pinfall

However The B.D.K had other ideas and stormed the ring because in at number four was none other than Lucia Lee who took her time to get in the ring as the boys did the handy work, surprisingly Basham was not down and out and tried his best to advance but it was not enough on this occasion and Lucia Lee picked up the victory to advance.


Carson Bailey def Lucia Lee via Count Out

On a night of surprises to say the least Carson Bailey made his return having not been in action since The B.D.K took him out back in October at Halloween Mayhem. Bailey managed to get some revenge with the help of a crowbar and safe to say Lucia in the end after getting a slap heard all around Tipton did not want anything to do with Bailey and was counted out for Carson Bailey to advance from the number five spot.


Luke Douglas def Carson Bailey via Pinfall

Number six was none other than the 21's Century Hero Luke Douglas in a hard hitting contest landed a sweet superkick and Swanton bomb to advance on in the Gauntlet.


Luke Douglas def Eddie Cobain via Pinfall

Number seven was the charismatic Eddie Cobain with the help of Belinda Carlisle whipped the crowd into a frenzy and after a very competitive match was unable to put Luke Douglas away who went on to advance.


Luke Douglas def Steven Keane via Pinfall

Luke Douglas then came face to face with Steven Keane who took the number eight position and just could not put Douglas away who kept finding something a little more than his opponents to advance to meet the man who drew number nine.


Luke Douglas def Juggernaut via DQ

Juggernaut a man who knew Cam Wellington and everything he stood for made his debut for BCCW and after ragging Douglas around for him still not being able to put him away resorted to choking him out with his vest being disqualified in the process meaning Luke Douglas had one more opponent to get through to become KOTD.

Regan def Luke Douglas via Pinfall (New Champion Crowned)

RC Chaos had been seemingly taken out of action and replaced by the force of Regan! BCCW will be releasing a statement on the actions of Martin Holland after he injected himself into the ring and hit Luke Douglas with a steel chair allowing Regan to pick up the pieces and the King Of The Division Championship!

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