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"I Will be the new KOTD Champion"

The Latest KOTD Gauntlet entrant declares that he will be walking out as champion:


KOTD entrant Luke Basham made his debut back in October at Halloween Mayhem, narrowly missing out on a win during the Fatal 4 way match with Luke Douglas, MJ Grayson & The Judge.

At Xmas Gimmicks in December he went 1 on 1 with B.D.K member Bishop after originally being scheduled to face Wesker. Lucia Lee got involved and switched personnel giving Basham little but no time to prepare. After a grueling technical match, Basham came away with the victory on a reversal into a pin.

Later that night after MJ Grayson brutally attacked Eddie Cobain after the bell, the B.D.K would obviously be sticking their noses in and got some of the action too. Basham out of nowhere hit the ring and somersaulted over Lucia into the outside, taking out all the B.D.K in the process.

Lucia was left all alone in the ring and Basham had his chance to shut her up for good, however Wesker came to her rescue and avoided the wrath of The Warrior.

Will Basham be a true contender or will his unfinished business with the B.D.K get into his head?

Get your tickets today!

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