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King Of The Division - Main Event Announcement

Triple Threat Match

Dan Moloney returns to action after walking away with the victory in the inaugural Halloween Mayhem Main Event defeating Kian Kelly and will be looking to build that momentum and walk away with the victory on January 28th.

T-Bone shocked the BCCW audience in attendance at XMAS Gimmicks turning the Main Event into and then defeating Rufio and Lee Hunter in one hell of a match, can T-Bone repeat this at Allen's Sports Bar?

Lee Hunter - Tipton's very own, a man who is feeling hard done by after his brother Jim could not team with him at Halloween Mayhem to team with Rufio and lose to the team of ClarkeWard to then have T-Bone interrupt his intended plan of revenge at XMAS Gimmicks to then lose in that match, what lengths will Hunter go to on his quest to pick up a victory in a BCCW ring.

Find out on January 28th 2022 at Allens Sports Bar to see which man walks away with the victory.

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