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Project Empire Results

Thank you to the SOLD OUT audience who attended this amazing event! We will be back to Feel the Rhythm on September 30th at Allen's Sport Bar!!!

In the number on contender Battle Royal we saw Lucas Casmere fend off and defeat 13 other participants to earn the chance to take on King Of The Division Champion Regan later on in the very same night!

Lana Austin made the most of her debut and proved exactly why she is the queen of mean by defeating fellow debutants to the Women's division in Chantal Jordan & LA Taylor.

In what could be our match of the year these two men gave absolutely everything in a Tipton Street Fight and after 20 minutes of ferocious action CJ Rawlings walked away victorious from Lee Hunter!

Luke Basham & Aluna Blue were finally victorious against BDK members The Bastard Son Bevan and The Man They Called Wesker who replaced Lucia Lee due to injury.

Foxy Kian Kelly stunned the BCCW faithful by picking up his second victory in a row against the English Lion Eddie Ryan on his debut!

In the Main Event ClarkeWard were not successful in keeping their Tipton winning streak in tact as both men were eventually put through a table for The 0121 to secure the win!!!

See you next time to Feel The Rhythm where you can purchase tickets by clicking below:

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