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Regan's Coronation

Last but by no means certainly least we have the man, the myth, the legend....Regan

Friday night you will witness the greatest thing of 2022, we will give Regan the ceremony he deserves. We will be drinking whiskey and smoking big fat cigars as we Hail To The King.

Regan will be joined by the greatest mastermind the Black Country wrestling scene has ever seen, ME...Hector Martinez.

Hector left his old 'pals' behind at KOTD when he helped Regan secure the gold that every person walking the Black Country streets wishes they had.

Join Hector, Regan and Keane in the best Coronation Ceremony you losers will ever have the chance of attending.

See ya on Friday. Get your tickets here if you have the minerals to detach yourselves from your pathetic lives for a few hours.

Hector x

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