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"We have just doubled our chances"

Double Whammy as KOTD entrants Number 5 & 6 are revealed here:


Having caused absolute chaos at Halloween Mayhem and ambushing Carson Bailey, B.D.K members MJ Grayson & Lucia Lee, Along with Bevan & Bishop would help Wesker put Carson out of action for the foreseeable future. Not only happy with beating him, they wanted to get rid of him permanently.

Wesker was due to face Luke Basham at Xmas Gimmicks before Lucia took to the mic and wind the crowd up to the point a fight was going to break out. After the dust had settled she declared that the B.D.K has strength in numbers and can bring a fresh face in at the drop of a hat, enter Bishop!

In a match that was very technical and hard hitting, Basham managed a win and a narrow escape from the B.D.K Beat down


MJ Grayson would then face Eddie Cobain on the same night to beat him and qualify for the KOTD gauntlet. Cobain wasn't too lucky to escape however as he felt the full wrath of the B.D.K beat down that they love to give out. It seemed as though Cobain would be shelved just like Carson Bailey was 5 weeks earlier, but Luke Basham came out of nowhere to spare the beating and infuriate the B.D.K even more

BCCW management have confirmed along with the already qualified MJ Grayson, that Lucia Lee is to step up and enter the Gauntlet match.

Will either member be able to dominate or even work together for that matter.

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