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"Welcome to the new reality!"

The Latest KOTD entrant stakes his claim at the Gauntlet and puts all of BCCW on alert:


Luke Douglas made his debut at our inaugural Halloween Mayhem event in October, coming out victorious in a Fatal 4 Way match against Luke Basham, The Judge & MJ Grayson

At Xmas Gimmicks, Luke Douglas would go 1 on 1 with long time friend, rival & brother in the form of The Elliott Jordan Experience. This match will go down as a milestone in BCCW history as not only did Luke Douglas pick up the win, it was EJXP's last ever wrestling match and gave a heart wrming speech afterwards. Sharing a cold can of beer in the ring together is a photo for the archives.

Moving on to KOTD and Luke Douglas seems pretty confident that even if he enters at number 1, he is sure to walk out as champion.

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