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XMAS Gimmicks 2021 Main Event

The fallout from Halloween Mayhem 2021 is upon us as we all gear up for the Big Man to arrive on the Christmas Day, on December 3rd 2021 at Sedgley Working Men's Club we have a night of action you do not want to miss!

Lee Hunter - Needing a partner after the birth of of his nephew and sourcing a tag team partner to take on the team of Clarkeward at Halloween Mayhem to only lose the match in his home town in front of friends and family, in Lee Hunters mind there is only one man to blame...

Rufio - The Lost Boy who stepped up to the call to partner up with Lee Hunter at Halloween Mayhem after a great showing of technical and athletic wrestling capability, The Lost Boy from Brisbane, Australia also came up short, both men will be out to get the win on December 3rd as BCCW presents XMAS Gimmicks 2021: Welcome to the Party Pal!

Click the image for Tickets now, this is one you do not want to miss!

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