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What a night it was in Sedgley, there were plenty of ShowDown moments that went down last night and the question is how will that impact June 10th at Allen's?


Carson Bailey def Lucia Lee via DQ

Lucia Lee opener challenge was accepted by Crowbar Carson Bailey who won the match by disqualification after The Devils Rejects, MJ Grayson & The Man They Call Wesker got involved however Luke Basham came to help and in doing so gave Carson Bailey an opportunity to strike some revenge by putting Lucia Lee through a table all while Wesker was cable tied up and made to watch! What will be The BDK's reaction to this?

Steven Keane def Lord Aiden Potter via Pinfall

In a bonus match made hours before the event Lord Aiden Potter was defeated by Steven Keane in a competitive match.


KOTD Championship Match

Regan (c) def Lucas Casmere via Pinfall

Regan successfully defended his KOTD Championship with the help and support of Hector Martinez and Steven Keane beating Lucas Casmere to retain the gold, after the match Hector Martinez once again offered RC Chaos the opportunity to join them but just as it looked like Chaos had done the unthinkable while Regan and Steven Keane were posing to the audience, RC Chaos took that opportunity to RKO Hector Martinez. How will this shape up June 10th?


CJ Rawlings def Lee Hunter via Pinfall

Lee Hunter and CJ Rawlings went to war in a fantastic contest with both men trying to prove in their words who is the Shawn Michaels and who is the Marty Jannetty of their failed team, Rawlings picked up the victory but not without Hunter getting revenge straight after the bell by attacking Rawlings!


Luke Douglas def Big Jim Diehard via Pinfall

Big Jim DieHard returned to action last night for the first time since January but could not get the job done against returning 21st Century Hero Luke Douglas


Luke Basham def Wesker via Pinfall

Luke Basham got one up on The BDK with a victory over The Man They Call Wesker adding more fuel to the fire in this ongoing saga between the group and the team of Basham and Bailey. How will this all end?


The 0121 def Clarkeward via Pinfall

And in an incredible Main Event ClarkeWard suffered their first defeat in BCCW at the hands of the team of Dan Moloney and DeReiss, The 0121. Both teams gave absolutely everything and on this particular night The 0121 had that little extra in the gas tank!


We will return to Allen's on June 10th in Tipton with details to follow this Bank Holiday Monday with a special announcement you will not want to miss!

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