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A message from Regan

After all the drama of Halloween Mayhem, Regan is still not content.

Having purchased a ticket to BCCW Halloween Mayhem back on the 22nd October, Regan made his presence known by demanding a match. He was hell bent on making a statement that he took a cheap shot to RC Chaos and hit him with illegal knuckle dusters.

He then took a cheap shot at BCCW's own Martin Holland, calling him out and making remarks about his wife. All hell broke loose in the ring and Martin along with Co-Owner Tom Priest booked the match for that night.

After a hands on brawl, Regan with the help of Steven Keane took the cheap way out and hit Martin with a low blow for the win.

BCCW recieved this video yesterday, the last thing that the company need is someone taking liberties. The score has to be settled and BCCW management are going to have to make some big decisions in the next few days

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