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Feel The Rhythm Results

Last Friday night at Allen's in front of another Sold Out ruckus crowd for one hell of a night and there will be more to come this year with XMAS Gimmicks: Son of a Nutcracker! Tickets are selling fast so get yours now and join us on December 2nd for one last time this year!

We opened the show with Dean Allmark taking on CJ Rawlings in one hell of a back and forth thrilling contest that saw the in form and on fire CJ Rawlings continue his winning streak within BCCW.

Lord Aiden Potter did not choose his words carefully as the self proclaimed voice of BCCW not only sent the beloved Tom Priest packing he managed to work his way into a match with former King of the Division Champion Regan who picked up the victory only to be attacked by former brother Steven Keane after the match!

The new FUTR DSTNY Champion Lucia Lee made her feelings all too clear against her opponent Aluna Blue on her way to the ring, the numbers game of the B.D.K and the intelligence of Lucia got Aluna Blue disqualified.

Aluna Blue decided to call the new champion out leading to Lucia accepting the challenge to defend the FUTR DSTNY championship in a future match between the two.

In his first title defence as King of the Division Lucas Casmere would defeat not three but four other opponents as The Bastard Son Bevan entered the match along with fellow B.D.K Brother MJ Grayson, The Warrior Luke Basham and debut of The Brilliance James Ellis

BCCW Management decided to make the scheduled triple threat match a number one contenders match for the King of the Division Championship seeing the debut of Hari Singh, The Starman Mark Clarke in singles action being defeated by the new number one contender The 21st Century Hero Luke Douglas

Man Like DeReiss as always was on fire but tonight the tactics of Lee Hunter and Kian Kelly led to Lee Hunter the Canal King picking up his first victory ever at BCCW!

And in the main event of the evening a return match from our first ever event last October at Halloween Mayhem saw the in form and devious Fox Kian Kelly give it his all against the overall winner of the match Drilla Dan Moloney!

However after the match Lee Hunter joined in the assault on Drilla making it two on one before The 0121 stood tall at the end of the evening!

What will happen come December 2nd at XMAS Gimmicks: Son of a Nutcracker? We already know the return of LJ Cleary and the debut of former NXT UK star Joseph Connors will be taking place along with The King of the Division Championship will be on the line as Lucas Casmere defends the title against The 21st Century Hero Luke Douglas!

Limited tickets remain, get yours now by clicking the link below:

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Jake Atkins
Jake Atkins
Nov 28, 2022


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