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KOTD Entrant claims "Its a date!"

As we start contacting the entrants of the King Of The Division Gauntlet, one man has something to say:

Eddie Cobain made his debut back in December at BCCW XMAS Gimmicks where he went one on one with B.D.K member MJ Grayson. That match was a qualifier for this gauntlet and although Cobain lost on that night, BCCW management have confirmed that Cobain deserves a second shot at the Championship.

With MJ Grayson qualifying for the gauntlet match, will Eddie Cobain get the chance at redemption. Will the B.D.K have other plans? Can Eddie Cobain go all the way to the end and lift the most coveted Championship the Black Country has to offer.

Get your tickets today, with payday just around the corner we expect this event to be packed and full of energy. Tickets

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