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KOTD Entrant will "Walk Out as Champion"

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

The second entrant into the KOTD gauntlet has been contacted they have confirmed with the below message:

Steven Keane has been by the side of rebel Regan since the beginning. Having helped Regan to shoot on BCCW at Halloween Mayhem and cause disruption and heartache, Keane is planning a long spiral of disruption.

Having shown up with Regan and Kelsey at BCCW Xmas Gimmicks in December, BCCW co owner Martin Holland issued a challenge to the trio, whoever makes the pin fall will get an opportunity in the gauntlet. Hoping that Martins pick of Clarke-ward and Lucas Casmere would do the job, it was ultimately Steven Keane who rolled up Casmere and held the tights for a leverage pin.

BCCW will do everything to prevent Steven Keane and Regan for that matter from causing anymore chaos.

Martin has confirmed that these disgusting people will never show their face again after this event.

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