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XMAS Gimmicks: Son of a Nutcracker Results

What a night XMAS Gimmicks 2022 was! Debuts, new rivialries and new championships to boot. Thank you to everyone that has supported Black Country Championship Wrestling in 2022 and we will see you all in 2023.

Rob, Tom, Mart & Don

A massive thank you to our sponsors Concept Architectural Design & Hot Tag Reviews for all your incredible support and love for Black Country Championship Wrestling.

Friday 2nd December: Allens Sports Bar, Tipton

The Sly Tactican Kian Kelly could not outsmart his opponeant who picked up a victory in his debut Mr Charles Crowley in a tricky affair.

RC Chaos returned to be annouced as the new commisioner, in his first act vactated the FCW Black Country Championship and put it straight on the line for the following contest.

CJ Rawlings then became the FCW Black Country Champion by defeating TJ Sky, James Ellis & Shane Hooker in a fatal four way match.

Regan finally got some payback after a brutal victory in a No Dq match with Steven Keane proving he can get the job done alone and is quickly becoming a fan favourite at Black Country Championship Wrestling.

The King of the Division Championship was on the line when Lucas Casmere & Luke Douglas went to war in a back and forth hard hitting contest. Douglas hit his patternet swanton bomb only to get attacked by Jack Ball who laid in to both men ending this match in a no contest!

ClarkeWard picked up another victory on their non stop tour against the returning LJ Cleary & the debuting Joseph Connors who post match completed a vicious attack on Cleary landing not one but two DDT's

In an even more shocking turn of events The Devils Rejects: Big Van Wesker & MJ Grayson turned there back on fellow BDK member Bevan after losing to Aluna Blue who he speared earlier this year.

And in a ruckus main event to close XMAS Gimmicks out Dan Moloney defeated Lee Hunter after hitting one hell of a drilla bomb sending Lee Hunter into 2023!

We return to Allens Sport Bar on Feb 10th and tickets are available now by clicking the link below:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Black Country Championship Wrestling.

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